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Supported sites:

This program keeps track of products from supported sites. It shows:

  • the stock status of products
  • if the product is on a sale
  • changes regarding new products or discontinued products in a search

How it works

You paste the links to your products or search URL's in a text document. The program will update everything in it!

for a detailed description please visit http://imgur.com/a/lwvMS (old version) or read the README.txt

About requesting supported sites

I can add support to most sites. please write a comment on this page or email eriksall1@gmail.com with links to your requested site. It should contain:

  • One link to an in-stock product
  • One link to a low-stock product (if there are any)
  • One link to a backorder/out of stock item
  • One link to a sale item (if there are any)
  • One link to a pre-order item (if there are any)

If your site has additional stock statuses, please send a link to all of them.

patch notes:


  • optimized searches in list.txt (not for hobbywave. they don't have stock status visible in searches so they still have to use the old system). It is now much faster to have a complete search than a few specific items.



  • added compatibility with http://www.gundamplanet.com/
  • price is now displayed
  • sale items now have a red price instead of a yellow name
  • the program now alerts the user if theres a new version out
  • changed the arrangement of product display


[version 1.03]

Install instructions

  1. extract the zip to anywhere you want it
  2. Follow the instructions in the README.txt


Gunpla_stock_checker103.zip 604 kB

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