A downloadable game for Windows

A Pacman clone in C++, this was a school assignment.


Ghost AI

The ghosts has 3 behaviors : hunting, fleeing and scatter. When a ghost spawns it enters scatter mode.

  • Scatter: It goes to a specific corner of the level. When the ghost has reached its destination it switches to hunting mode.
  • Hunting: All the ghosts have different behaviors here.
    • Blinky: Samples pacmans position and heads towards it.
    • Pinky: Samples the intersection pacman is looking at and pathfinds to it, constructing a path around pacman. If Pinky is located at the intersection when sampling, she heads towards pacman.
    • Inky: Switches between the other ghosts behaviors at random.
    • Clyde: Walks around randomly.
  • When pacman eats a pill the ghosts turn blue, and when the blue animation is over they switch to scatter mode.

When a ghost has sampled a target for pathfinding, it does not update it again until it has reached its target.

Install instructions

Extract the .zip and play the game.


Pacman v1.1 release fix.zip 3 MB
Pacman.zip 13 MB


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I can't start without msvcp140d.dll. That's a debug runtime library if I'm not mistaken. You probably had VS set to compile for debug, not release. I don't have VS installed, so I don't have the .dll, and I'm not too keen on downloading .dll's from shady sites, and I'm *really* not keen on dealing with an enormous VS installation for the sake of pacman. I'd like to play, but I can't.

I built it with release settings but sloppily copy-pasted the .dll's cus I was in a hurry :P Try if it works now

That fixed it. Nice job.